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Urgent Appeal Please Help Me, Orphans With No Food

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Just made a new video with lots of pictures and info on the children. I am very upset, because Lilly and her little sister Sheila, need to be in the orphanage now! But we have no room until we can finish the new house for them.  Please pray with me, that all will be provided as soon as possible. I know it will, because Joshua’s Ministry belongs to the Lord! God bless and please watch the video!  ~~~Love, Joshua’s Ministry


Orphanage under construction

Dear Friends of Joshua’s Ministry,

We are in the construction of the orphanage now!  The ground was broke on Saturday, the 27th of October!  We have half the budget now. We started by faith that the rest will come in. The construction only takes about 4-6 weeks, and there is no delay to pay here.  I am asking for your prayers to raise $2000 within the next 4 weeks to finish the orphanage. Thanks so much and God Bless you all. ~ Joshua’s Ministry



Well brothers and sisters, we have the well dug now, and pumping water at the orphanage! Thank the Lord, we hit water at only 30 feet. So, the cost was lower than expected!  The 4 orphans there now, are all doing fine.  The 2 others to go there, will move after they see the doctor. If you saw the last update, part 1, one of the sisters has a rash over her whole body.

The 3 siblings who will stay with their single mom, went to church (with their mom) for the first time on Sunday, and loved it! They want to be Christians, and so does the mom! This is very big, since the grandma is a active leader in the local Catholic prayer for the dead group.   Their livelihood has been donations for the grandma, a widow, to “chant” for the dead to get into heaven, through the saints.   So, now, the Lord is making a way for her to stop and turn to the Living God, from those dumb idols!  

Thanks so much to the sponsors for all their love and prayers!

Your brother in Christ






Orphans are safely transported

Brothers and sisters, we were able to safely transport several orphans through the mountains, to their new home, by the grace of the Lord. We now have 4 there. Three who will stay with the mom, with our help and our local pastor’s teaching them. Then, two more to come next week to our orphanage. Thanks for all you help, prayers, and love for kids people gave away. Patrick