The Children In Our Orphanages

Angelica, age 10, abandoned  orphanage # 3
Angelica 10
Michelle, age 10. orphanage # 3   abandoned
Michelle 10
Aaron age 11, abandoned…orphanage #3
Aarron 11Gian, age 6…abandoned….orphanage # 3
Gian 6
Grace, 6  abandoned
Orphanage #3
Grace 6
Adelaida  P
Age 9
Ambition finish school


Regine C
age.   9
Ambition to be a teacher
Name:       Angelika T
Age:           15 yrs.old still in 5th grade
Ambition:    teacher
3rd of 4 kids
James M
Age: 14 yrs.old
Ambition: seaman
Mother: Rewelyn M (mental disorder)
James M 
Name:    Kian M
Age:        7 yrs. old
Ambition:    Policeman
Mother:    Rewelyn Morales( Mental disorder)
father:      Romely Morales  (Driver) abandoned them
Kian M
Yann M
8 Years Old
Abandoned by Dad
Mom mentally ill.
Yann M
Alice P new arrival on June 6, 2014
9 years old
Alice Pamat
Cherlyn S
Age 6
Wants to be a singer
Cherlyn S
Name:    Jemmy P
Age:        10 yrs. old
Ambition:    To finish my study
Likes:           Basketball
2nd of 7 children
Jemmy P
Jonnie B
Age:           10
Hobbies:     Playing basketball
Father:       Fisherman
Mother:       Missing
eldest of 3 kids
ambition:    Seaman
Jonnie B
Juliet T
Age:           10
Hobbies:     Playing & sometimes singing
eldest of 4 kids
My parents cant raise us.When my father have no work we only ate coconut flesh.Leave us no food because he is drunkard
Juliet is slow learner in her age you cant tell that shes 10 because she didnt know what to do maybe its because of lack of exposure.Prayer for her.
Juliet T
Earl P
Age:          7
Hobbies:    i love to sing & memorize memory verse
Ambition:    Policeman someday
Im 2nd honor during my grade one
My Parents are separated
My father abandoned me
Youngest of 5 kids
Before i used to get food from the garbage that are thrown from the people
Earl P
Earl when he first got here   Sept 2012
Rina May S
Age:          10
hobbies:     Singing & reading but i love to dance also
Ambition:     Teacher
My parents live in the mountain they cant raise us beacuse  were 11 kids in the family.Some of my sister got married in their young age due to poverty.
Rina May S - Copy
Perolino  L
age:         7
hobbies:   feeding the pigs & Singing
ambition:   Police
Father:      Abandoned
Mother:     Missing
Perolino L
Michael  I
Age:          2
Hobbies:    playing & eating
father:        Deceased
mother:      Widow at 25
eldest of two kids
Rodel   L
age:          8
Hobbies:    Playing Basketball
ambition:    Soldier
Mother:       Missing
father:         Abandoned
2nd of 3 kids
Rodel L
Joy I
Age:    5 months
father:  deceased
mother: widow
youngest of 2 kids
Joy I
The bible tells us we are to help widows and orphans. The Mom will be staying and helping us in orphanage #1, and she will train to be a house mom in the near future, Lord willing. She is a widow at only 24 years old. Her name is Angah. 
Angah, was a convert of mine a few years ago from Islam. I baptized her and her husband about 3 years ago. As soon as he died, her family began to persecute her and try and take her kids to the mosque. So, we opened our hearts to her and her 2 kids. I know she will be used by the Lord to reach her people one day!


Julito L

Age: 5
Hobbies: Singing
Ambition: Teacher
Mother: Missing
father: Blind & Abandoned
He was a street kid before in General Santos City

Julito L




Age: 9 hobbies: singing Ambition: Teacher father: abandoned Mother: Missing Eldest of 3 kids

Age: 9  ROSELYN  L.
hobbies: singing
Ambition: Teacher
father: abandoned
Mother: Missing
Eldest of 3 kids



More New Kids.   3 Brothers : Jemar, Perolino, Julito.   Ages 5, 7, 8.

Parents missing.



Jemar L

Age:              9
hobbies:        Playing Basketball
Ambition:       Police
father:           Abandoned
Mother:          Missing


Jemar L




Another new orphan.  Rolando age 9.

Both parents dead.




Our Newest additions:  Mark and Queen.

Queen is  Age:       8

hobbies: Singing & Dancing
Ambition:   Pastor or Preacher someday
Father:      Deceased
Mother:      Married again
one of the 9 kids mother cant raise
Lovely Queen

Mark is 8. His mother just died, and his dad works and cannot take care of him.


Queen and Mark


Joanie is:

Age:          11
Hobbies:    singing praises to God & reading the bible
Ive got honor during my 2nd grade
I want to be a teacher someday maybe teacher of God’s Word
My parents are both native my mother cant see far & my father is drunkard
My parents live in ther river side
Before i wasnt in the orphanage our parents just leave us without telling us where they will go they just left us in the relatives or sometimes in the neighbor

She is very smart and quick to learn

Eldest sister of 3.

Her mom ran away. Her dad is a drunkard. She was living with her aunt, who has no money for her.

She loves the orphanage, because she has plenty to eat, and she is not abandon any more. She is not starving any more.

She loves to sing, and she is learning to pray.

She wants a barbie doll and school supplies

New picture 4-14

Joan Y


first picture 09-12



Ronilo is  12 years old

He wants:

To finish school

is in the 5th grade

He loves Basketball

He needs more clothes and basketball shoes and school supplies

He is the eldest of 3, the other 2 are with grandma. He wants to help them when he is big.

His mom ran off, and his dad is a drunk



John Ray

He is 5 year old. He has been diving in the river and catching fish by hand for his family to eat since he was 3 years old. His parents never went to school, and live on top of a mountain. They have no sense to take care of him. So, they sent him to us, so he could have a happy life, and be a Christian.

He wants a bicycle so he can ride around and have fun.

He is so happy to have food to eat 3 times a day, and not starve.



Lilly and Shelia 2 sisters

Abandon by their mom and no dad. They live with there grandma who has TB and is very sick. They have no food. They have to beg. Lilly is 6 and Shelia is 4.

They need everything, mostly love and food.


We are trying to get the grandma to let them live with us Full time , pray for them please!



Khezzen girl, 10 years old, Jay, brother 8 years old, Peter, brother 3 years old.

3 siblings who’s dad ran off. Mom will keep them with her, and we will support them. Of course it is better for any child to be with a good parent, than at the orphanage. We require them to go to church every week, with the mom also. Since we started with them, the whole family has been going. The children love it. They need everything. The boys want a basketball, and the girl a barbie.

They are very sweet kids.  I am sure they will serve the Lord one day!




Lovely (Genevie)

Age:           9
hobbies:     Singing & i love leading the kids,reading bible & teaching them
Ambition:     teacher
Im top 5 during my grade one
My parents live in the mountain & my mother just cured by breast cancer & now she has tumor in her womb please pray for her
We have 8 kids in our family





Lovely when we got her 2012