Urgent Appeal Please Help Me, Orphans With No Food

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Just made a new video with lots of pictures and info on the children. I am very upset, because Lilly and her little sister Sheila, need to be in the orphanage now! But we have no room until we can finish the new house for them.  Please pray with me, that all will be provided as soon as possible. I know it will, because Joshua’s Ministry belongs to the Lord! God bless and please watch the video!  ~~~Love, Joshua’s Ministry


3 thoughts on “Urgent Appeal Please Help Me, Orphans With No Food

  1. kathy - GODSGIRL2

    Dear God please lead Your Children to this video. Annoint it with Your Power to draw the attention of those that have the financial means to help give to complete this orphanage. Lord You tell us in Your Holy Word to care for the orphans and widows. Burden the hearts of every person that hears about Joshua’s Ministry to give what they can. God we are asking for the money needed to complete this home to come in RIGHT NOW in the name of Jesus. God You don’t need our money to complete this project. Because all we have and everything in this world belongs to You. But You allow us the chance to be obedient to give to You and at the same time You give us rewards in Heaven for having a giving heart to touch the lives of these kids that are in need. Oh God, make this video go VIRAL across the internet. Lord ALL things ARE possible thru You! We thank You and Praise You for what You are going to do thru Joshua’s ministry. Be with Pastor Patrick as he leads. Give him wisdom to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it thru You leading and guiding him along the way. open doors and point him in the direction to go and to know how to make this orphanage be productive and to be able to have a way to make money to supply the needs it will have. Lord if it is You will for coconut farms to supply the money to run this home and to build other orhanages, please bring the money in from somewhere to be able to purchase the land and everything that is needed for these farms.

    Lord watch over and protect the orphan parents and all voluneers that are a part of Johua’s Ministry. Keep them all safe from harm/danger in the rural area it is in. Protect the store and persons running it. Place warrior angels to surround them at all times. Lord make this store very profitable for this ministry. Provide the money to be able to buy pigs and chickens too – to help bring more money in to run this home for the kids. God You know what all is needed for this ministry. Please let everything fall into place and provide the money that is needed. In Jesus name. amen

  2. Nancy Burleson

    In America we are a spoiled selfish people as a majority. Can’t imagine, all they want is food and someone too care. I admire you guys, and of course your obedience.


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