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  1. kathy - GODSGIRL2

    Patrick….YOU seem soooooo excited! It is truly WONDERFUL to see YOU sooooo happy! I was troubled in the last few vids, you seemed burdened. May God’s PEACE continue to pour upon you! AND God’s POWER and GLORY radiate from YOU each day until Jesus comes!

    It was great seeing Joanie! It had to be soooo exciting to her to go to the mall and SEE new things and DO new things like the rides and play area. Back about 20 to 25 yrs ago we had those play areas too here. At a lot of McDonalds. But, because of the germs…they didn’t last long. So ‘if’ this fever gets worse, you might keep that in mind. Do you have wet wipes you could buy that santizes? That might help also.

    Well, it was GREAT being updated! I just prayed about the protection of this fever and then went on computer and saw this vid. Just know you and all are in my thoughts and PRAYERS each day!

    Eager to SEE next vid with pics of the building process. It is just mindboogling that construction can be done in two weeks.

    How many people are working on it?

    What’s the size?

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    in Christ,


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