1. brother doug from naperville

    Hi Brother Patrick, Thank you for your prayers for our finanacial situation, my busy season is here, starting now for about 9months.

    I’m on the same page with you, and have been praying, and just sent a donation which I would love to see go towards the direction of the family of children with no parents.

    Im sure you would not be amazed at the extent of the adversary’s attacks when he perceives the intent and direction of support of these needy ones.

    Praise Him…. Jesus Christ our Lord…. who is able….

    once again, my small buisness is painting, remodeling, and primarily single family dwelling maintenance.
    I’m getting older now and having emplyoyees in more proserous times of the past was much easier.
    But we can see his time is near and should he tarry, I would rather transition to some other type of buisness, which is not so labor intensive, for one person working alone, maybe a cash for gold buisness,
    or elderly care, I am So looking forward to supporting your ministry, as God enables.

    Thankfull to have good soil to plant in,
    your brother in Christ. Doug Esser

    ps. wonderful news…. can you imagine at this late hour…. that God is leading and blessing me to continue to be involved in successfull wittnessing… amen.

    1. Patrick Post author

      Amen brother! God bless the labor of your hands 100 times over. I will be praying for you for a easier job.
      God bless and thanks for helping me do His work here.

    2. Patrick Post author

      I wanted to tell you…those kids have a mom. She goes at 6am until 10 pm downtown to sell vegetables on the street. So, she is only there for 8 hours at sleep time. So, they are almost orphans and 2 are handicap. So, I will give the mom groceries every week. We offered to take them to the orphanage and she is thinking about it. Good Bless! thanks again and I am praying for you


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